Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Diwali Lamps and Lanterns from IGP


Diwali or Deepawali is the biggest Indian Hindu festival that is celebrated in the month of October-November. This festival is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartik which coincides with October-November month according to the Gregorian calendar. The importance of this Hindu festival can be compared with Christmas which is celebrated by the catholic people. This festival gets its name from the symbolic clay diyas that are lit outside each Indian house. The word Deepawali can be broken down into “deepa and availi” which mean diyas and row of Diwali lights respectively.

Every Indian household is lit with numerous diyas during this festival season. Though this festival is celebrated on the Amavasya i.e. the new moon day, when a part of earth is deprived of the moonlight, every corner of the surrounding feels bright in presence of diyas, lamps and lanterns. These lamps and lanterns form an important part Diwali celebration. We find numerous houses and balcony lit up with these lanterns. These lamps and lantern also make a house look warm and comfortable. They add to the beauty of the ambiance; hence, people love to decorate their homes with this decorative and colourful paper craft illuminated with light. You will find some of the best Diwali kandil online that you can pick from to decorate your house.

Diwali Lantern Online Shopping is a Joyous Experience!

The preparations during Diwali up our maximum time and energy. Right from doing that extra special cleaning to purchasing apparels, home décor items to making special Diwali snacks everything is taken care of.  With less of time and more of work at hands, shopping online for Diwali items is what people prefer today. Diwali lamps and lanterns are one of the most important items that are included in the shopping list. On the internet you will finds some of the best Diwali lights online. Decorative lanterns with unique designs can be brought online hassle free in just few clicks. that’s the beauty of Diwali kandil online shopping.

Pink Abstract Metal Lamp

Online portals also provide customers with Diwali offers that people can avail for Diwali lights online shopping. The best part about Diwali lantern online shopping is that you can also avail free shipping while placing order online. Buy lamps online within few clicks from the comfort of your home and save your time and energy for India’s biggest festival celebrations. You can also send Diwali lights decoration online to your friends and family members as gift. Go for Diwali decorative lights online shopping for your home or the house of your close relative to make home look warm and welcoming in this festival.

Traditional Copper Hanging Lantern

As per Hindu tradition, it is said that a clean and well lit up house on Diwali is visited by goddess Lakshmi. Get the blessings of this goddess of wealth by decorating and lighting up your house with the most beautiful kandil. Buy Diwali lanterns online and make the most of this special occasion. Let this Diwali celebration become a blissful memory. Go for diwali lights online shopping and celebrate this Diwali 2017 in the most enthusiastic manner.

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